Crossmedia Marketing & Storytelling | Workshop

Crossmedia Marketing & Storytelling | Workshop

What does it mean to think crossmedial? How can we enhance our marketing strategy to increase the engagement of our customers and followers? How do we draw the attention of new target groups?
In this workshop we are discussing the concepts of crossmedia marketing and storytelling with storyworlds. It aims to deepen the understanding how media interact in an increasingly interconnected world and how we can adapt marketing strategies accordingly.
The workshop is open to everyone – from beginners who want to get an idea how to start a (social media) marketing campaign to more experienced people looking for new inspiration.
The workshop will be in English with Czech translations.
Duration: 3 hours.
Speaker: Sarah Haas studied Media & Cultural Science in Düsseldorf and made her way from working five years in an advertisement agency for clients in chemical industry and science communication to being responsible for junior talent recruitment advertisement at Zurich Insurance in Cologne, Germany. Located somewhere between Millenial and Generation Z Sarah Haas has worked with communication via Facebook, Landingpages and newsletters but is also keen to explore the new possibilities of TikTok, Snapchat and more targeted platforms like Reddit.

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